About Shades of Soho

Bryan and Tara

From the college days of burning the midnight oil, to the more domestic days of lighting up your home, many often ask how these two college roommates mastered their unique craft in the home lighting world. Graduating from Monmouth College back in 1993 when unemployment was high, floppy disks were still floppy, and the internet was nonexistent, Bryan and Sam began working at a local lampshade factory, learning the business from the ground up, at a time when American manufacturing still mattered. Bryan, a communication major, and Sam, a criminal justice major, soon found themselves cutting and sewing fabric, welding and wiring lamps and learning from their seasoned mentors how the little details in designing made all the difference and should never be forgotten.

Bryan and Sam

Eventually buying the company many years later, the realization of not being able to compete with Chinese imports changed their direction in both styling and business plan.

Around this time, Bryan met his future wife Tara, who brought into focus a whole new colorful dimension to his designing eye. Tara, a 1997 Rider College graduate with a psychology degree, soon took over the small retail store that was located in the factory and quickly realized that the lighting world was just way too beige for her liking. Wanting to shake things up a bit, she guided customers to think more outside the box, and to add more color into their lives.

Previously, the company had been more traditional in its styling, but when Bryan saw what Tara had been doing, and the enthusiastic response she was receiving from her customers, it then inspired him to incorporate more bold design choices into all of the company’s future designs. In late 2009, not being able to compete any longer as a manufacturer, a new funky take on traditional lighting, or as we call it, Eclectic Traditional, Shades of Soho was born.

Shades of Soho is a boutique lighting store where we make and design all of our own products, 100% New Jersey made, and not sold anywhere else except directly through us. Our passion is to design and make products combining fashion and function, while offering something unique for those yearning to create a look in their homes that is different than the looks everyone else already has. We pride ourselves in producing and selling American-made handcrafted products. Our mission is to help bring color into your world and illuminate your homes and lives.

Please contact Shades of Soho anytime if you wish to discuss our lamp and chandelier in-store services, custom lighting and chandeliers, and other custom-made products.