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Antique Lighting Restoration

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Shades of Soho restores & repairs lighting of every design & scale from simply rewiring a lamp with a cord & socket to completely restoring a turn of the century large size chandelier.

We have over two decades worth of experience in restoring vintage lighting fixtures to their original beauty through refinishing, repainting and rewiring. We always take great care to preserve original finishes and original detail and always verify the integrity of your light fixture. Upon completion, your light will be 100% ready to go - rewired and safe for installation. In addition to the items listed below you will also find other services we offer to compliment your newly restored and repaired light.


When it comes to Lighting, We Can Do Anything! Through ingenuity and creativity, we are experts at customizing old and new lighting and lamp shades. Our in-house restoration and repair team of both lighting and lampshades has over 20 years experience in the field and will amaze you with our ability to work with all types of materials and finishes when crafting unique lighting creations and lamp shades.