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About Bryan, The Lamp Doctor

Lamps and Lighting Shop | Chandelier / Lamp Shop | Lamp Stores North Jersey - Image 2 Lamps and Lighting Shop | Chandelier / Lamp Shop | Lamp Stores North Jersey - ImageI am by trade a lighting designer. I literally make my own lamps and lights by pouring my own metals and crafting them into one of kind pieces, in our shop in Glen Rock, NJ, making our own lampshades and restoring lamps are two of the many other services we also offer.

Knowing how to make a chandelier from scratch has given me the knowledge on how to help you in repairing your chandelier - a service that electricians do not offer and to my knowledge, no other lighting store will either. You can think of me as an Electrical Specialist.




Lamp & Lighting Repair:*

If your lamp does not light, we can fix it. If a part of your lamp is broke, we can usually find a replacement part or come up with a creative solution. Either way, we can fix it. * Lamp Repair includes any kind of light - lamp, chandelier, sconce or any other kind of incandescent type of light.

Refinish & Restore Lamps & Lighting:

​If the brass or metal on your lamp is tarnished or pitted, we can refinish those parts back to its original glory - or you can even change your finish. For example - if you own a brass lamp that you love but it no longer fits your decor and would prefer it to be in brushed nickel, we can do that. We do NOT paint or apply a new layer over your existing finish. We completely strip your finish off down to the original metal and then apply a brand new finish - and then polish it

Custom Lighting:

We make all of our own lamps and lights. We our own metals and apply our own finishes. Some pieces are one or two of a kind and others are production pieces that we consistently have in our line. You can choose your own fabrics, finishes and sizes - and we do not charge extra to make something for you. The prices is the same as if it were already designed and hanging in our store waiting for someone to purchase it.

House Call Chandelier Repair Service - (including Crystal Chandelier Cleaning):

I am like a “Concierge Lamp Doctor”. I do all the things an electrician won’t do, and in turn do not do much of what an electrician will do. I work directly on the light itself which includes services such as rewiring, cleaning and replacing (or repairing) broken parts. In some instances, I can also take down your chandelier, work on it, and re-hang it when the job is complete but in most instances you will be required to arrange to have it taken down and ready for me to work on it for when I arrive and then it is up to you to arrange to have it re-hung.

Lampshade Recovery:

Where we take your existing lampshade, strip it down to the frame and recover in the fabrics of your choice. We can either recover it in the same type of fabric that you once had, giving it a fresher look - or we can create a whole new look. Think of the lampshade frame as a body - and you get to chose how to dress it.

Lampshade Reline:

Where the outside of your lampshade is still in good shape but the lining is falling apart. This can only be done on soft lined fabric lampshades. If the interior is paper or plastic, it cannot be relined.

Custom Lampshades:

You pick out your frame, fabric and trims - and we make the lampshade exactly the way you want it. We do NOT charge extra to customize a lampshade. A custom lampshade costs the same as if it were already on our store shelf for purchase that same day.